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I Want For A Man Things to say to someone you love and miss

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Things to say to someone you love and miss

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April 17, Communication is key in any relationship.

However, as couples nowadays rely on texting to communicate, a lot of the times sentiments and emotions can get lost. It's important uou be vulnerable in a relationship, and be able to express your feelings. So, i f you're in a long distance relationshipor your man is just on a trip and you feel like you miss him, don't hesitate to tell.

Although there's nothing more sincere than the good old "I miss you" text, smeone thought of 30 adorable ways to tell your man you miss.

He'll surely feel special and end up having a huge smile on his face. Never say that you've run out of things to text your man!

We just told you 30 adorable ways to tell him you miss. Main Image Credits: Instagram Lex.

E, a four letter word with so much more behind it. The Fustany Team Fustany. You can reach Fustany's Team on info fustany.

Please close the ad blocker to view the full site content. Home Lifestyle love relationships Lifestyle April 17, Saay wish you were here right.

I miss you like a fat kid on diet misses cake. Your arms around me felt like home. I'm currently home sick.

You don't even have the slightest idea how much I miss you. One of your hugs would be nice right.

I just want to be where you are. About the Author.