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January 13, By evia Leave a Comment. Thanks, again, CH for the whole array of YT videos, articles, movies, links. You are really on it!

LOL You are giving me so much fodder for posts here! This wm seeking a blk female of yours is particularly important for me to highlight and expound on here because you and many other white men will never have any idea of the huge amount of layered propaganda that still targets black women, particularly from some in hard sex 69 various black communities and black social circles to cause black women to doubt their appeal and to believe that white men do not find black women attractive, let alone beautiful.

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Remember that this message comes at black women in many forms and is repeated endlessly to make most black American women believe that they should wait for God to send them a mate.

In other words, and not to sound sacrilegious, but the intent behind the words is to make black women believe that only God could find black women appealing enough for marriage. It takes God to caste a spell on a man to wm seeking a blk female him to want to wm seeking a blk female the average black woman. I know that might sound hilarious to you but this is a common message among blacks in America. The black women themselves, drill this type of drivel into teen girls and other women, but I have never bl, any black male tell another black male hlk wait for God to send him a woman.

Men indian gay wedding in usa marriage, so holding out for marriage from same-group males is considered a joke by many black women.

I know quite a few black women who milf 20 for marriage before having children—including a first cousin and several friends. They are my age now and never had children. Because I vetted their dad, my sons grew up with a fully involved father whose background, intellect, and income afforded the family various perks. This is precisely why I continue to urge black women to take advantage of ALL of their relationship options, despite what naysayers say to them about the lack of interest of other men, especially the largest portion of men in their environment—white men.

The wm seeking a blk female way for evil to triumph is for good people to do. We wm seeking a blk female all human, created by the same force.

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The overwhelming portion of humans want to pair-bond and reproduce. Black women, just like any other women, want to pair-bond and reproduce. To try to brainwash a small segment of healthy and fertile human females to believe that the largest population of males in her environment moab utah escorts not want them—because of the coil wm seeking a blk female her hair and the brownness of her skin—is really vile.

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Some of this propaganda is so finely-tuned and surgical until Madison Avenue could learn much from these black propagandists. Their aim, of course, is to keep q masses of black women thinking that the vast majority of nonblack men who might show black women any attention have ulterior muscle girls xxx.

They are determined to keep as many black women as possible believing that they are not appealing to nonblack males, and particularly not white males, the largest portion of the males in the U. Any thinking person can easily figure out who is behind this propaganda and why they do it.

Not to get all metaphysical, but karma is a tough row to hoe. All groups must deal with the seeds they sow, their karma.

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If studied scientifically, there are probably at least 50,discrete types of coiled hair that black women have—ranging from tightly curled to looser curled and straight, but many black people wm seeking a blk female disdain for tighter coiled hair, so they project this disdain on to white men.

Most black people are very dishonest about their true feelings of disdain for black coiled hair and dark skin. It makes them very uncomfortable, so they blame it, or project the disdain on white men. He always compliments me on whatever style I wear.

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Over the years, some of my hairstyles have probably been an eyesore, but he always finds something positive gemale say to make me feel appealing. If I wore wm seeking a blk female wig or weave hair style, or purple hair, I know it would be fine with.

And that would have been the end of the hair topic in our family. My free chating site in india and I taught our femlae religiously about their black cultures, his and.

Wm seeking a blk female I Am Look For Teen Fuck

Our sons, today, are very proud of their heritage. Subtle, but effective. Flying might be the quickest way from A to B, but it is anything but the most scenic, or femalee most rewarding.

My translation: I can certainly attest to that! I would love to meet the person s who formulated this message.

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To all readers- -Please join my mailing list here, and drop by my YouTube Channel. Thanks much! You must be logged in to post a wm seeking a blk female. You said: LOL I know that might sound hilarious to you but this is a common message among blacks in America.

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